Artificial Grass with the EnviroLoc+ Backing System for San Jose, CA Residents

SYNLawn’s EnviroLoc+ Backing System is one of the most inventive and eco-conscious features of SYNLawn Silicon Valley’s artificial grass. Products made with EnviroLoc+ technology are designed to be durable and sustainable. This helps ensure that our signature synthetic turf products are beneficial for our customers, plants, and wildlife. Let’s discuss the EnviroLoc+ Backing System in greater detail and how it benefits residents of San Jose, California. 

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EnviroLoc+ Backing System

The EnviroLoc+ Backing System is a 2-part woven backing for artificial turf. This innovative product is manufactured solely in the United States. It is primarily composed of biobased, sustainable polymers, such as soybean oil, rather than relying entirely on petroleum-based polymers like polypropylene and polyester. For easy identification, each EnviroLoc+ product from SYNLawn Silicon Valley is labeled with a certification number and logo on the back.

Main Features of EnviroLoc+

  • Eco-friendly
  • Ultra-realistic look, feel, and texture
  • Wholly Made in the USA
  • Durable 2-part backing
  • Antimicrobial
  • Plant-based (e.g. soybean oil)
  • Recyclable

A Closer Look at EnviroLoc+ Backing System

As a market leader in artificial grass, SYNLawn is renowned for developing high-quality, environmentally friendly products. This includes the new EnviroLoc+ Backing System; it’s healthier, safer, and more durable. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for home and commercial applications. 

Let’s go over its most outstanding features:


By using a 2-part woven backing, the EnviroLoc+ Backing System is incredibly robust. This helps keep artificial grass with this system resistant to wear and tear. This system works so well that it helps prevent fiber loss, which keeps our synthetic turf looking fuller longer.

Environmentally Friendly 

One of the most significant features of the EnviroLoc+ Backing system is how eco-friendly it is. During production, products with EnviroLoc+ use soybean oil along with other polymers in order to create a strong backing for our artificial turf. This solution is a much more sustainable option when manufacturing synthetic grass. It also makes any of SYNLawn Silicon Valley’s products with EnviroLoc+ recyclable. 

Sanitized Coating

To offer our customers cleaner and healthier products, SYNLawn has started a partnership with Sanitized. This company offers over 84 years of experience in antimicrobial hygiene and material protection. With their technology, any artificial turf made with the EnviroLoc+ Backing System is antimicrobial, allowing our turf to reduce the growth of bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, allergens, and other microorganisms. This makes our EnviroLoc+ turf cleaner and healthier for our customers in San Jose, CA.

Prevents Algae and Fungi

Algae and fungi can pose a significant threat to our health and environment. That’s why SYNLawn teamed up with Sanitized on the EnviroLoc+ Backing System to help prevent the formation of these microbial pests. In doing so, our products with EnviroLoc+ help create a healthier environment that prevents algae and fungi from thriving. This means our San Jose, CA customers can have peace of mind knowing their artificial turf is safer for kids, pets, and everyone else.

Applications for EnviroLoc+ Artificial Turf

Pet Grass & Dog Turf

EnviroLoc+ artificial turf is great for pets! It provides a safer and healthier environment for them to relax or play on. Our EnviroLoc+ pet turf is also easy to clean and maintain, so both pets and their owners can enjoy a cleaner synthetic lawn!

Commercial and Residential Turfs

EnviroLoc+ artificial grass is an easy-to-care-for, ultra-realistic looking alternative to natural grass. These factors make it an optimal choice for commercial and residential customers who want to transform their property’s aesthetics. With EnviroLoc+ turf from SYNLawn Silicon Valley, our customers in San Jose, CA can have a perpetually green lawn any time of year. 

playground landscaped with synlawn


Playground turf typically experiences some of the most significant wear and tear. However, with the multi-layered design of our EnviroLoc+ Backing System, normal wear and tear will not easily affect our synthetic grass. In addition to durability, our antimicrobial EnviroLoc+ playground turf helps create a safer, more allergen-free environment for children at schools, parks, daycare centers, and more in San Jose, CA. 

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SYNLawn Silicon Valley provides high-quality artificial grass products in San Jose, CA, including products using our eco-friendly EnviroLoc+ Backing System. Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, our innovative artificial grass has benefits for both residential and commercial applications. With the EnviroLoc+ Backing System, our synthetic turf is cleaner, more durable, and recyclable. 

If you’re in San Jose, Silicon Valley, Cupertino, Mountain View, and surrounding areas, contact us today to learn more about our EnviroLoc+ artificial grass or place an order. We offer free consultations!

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