Artificial Grass in Mountain View, CA

Modern artificial grass products are available for sale and installation in Mountain View, CA from SYNLawn Silicon Valley. Our team performs incredible design and installation services, crafting stunningly lush green lawns, landscapes, and putting greens. Each of these is made from our innovative artificial turf, which is readily available to be equipped to residential, commercial, and even municipal properties. Learn more about our synthetic grass and services today!

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Why Choose SYNLawn Silicon Valley for Artificial Grass Sales & Installations?

For homes and businesses in Mountain View, California, there are several options for updating or newly installing surfaces. However, at SYNLawn Silicon Valley, we are the premier choice for artificial grass in the area! Not only do we sell some of the best synthetic turf products on the market, but our team also offers professional design and installation services. In doing so, we can help identify the right turf for your needs while also crafting a space that fits your style and desires. Ultimately, this means that you will attain a beautiful artificial grass lawn, landscape, or putting green that is tailored to you and your property.

Our Selection of Innovative Artificial Turf  

At SYNLawn Silicon Valley, our artificial turf products can address a variety of applications and needs. This is because we offer several specialized types of synthetic grass. Overall, our selection of artificial grass available for properties in Mountain View, CA includes: 

With these options, our team can help transform grass surfaces around Mountain View for the better!

Beautifully Green Lawns & Landscapes 

With innovative artificial grass from us at SYNLawn Silicon Valley, you can own a beautifully green lawn, landscape, or putting green. Our synthetic grass is made from high-quality materials and specially manufactured to look highly realistic. In doing so, it captures both the look and feel of traditional grass surfaces. Yet, unlike these surfaces, the beauty of our artificial turf never fades or falters, so it provides your property with a consistently lush and green appearance.

playground landscaped with synlawn

Low Maintenance Grass Surfaces

Conventional grass surfaces can be a source of constant headaches for home and business owners. This is almost always due to the costly and time-consuming maintenance they require, such as trimming with a mower, watering, pulling or spraying weeds, and more. Fortunately, our synthetic turf does not require any of these forms of upkeep. In fact, it requires very little maintenance, which helps make it a timesaver and cost-effective surfacing alternative.  

Residential artificial putting turf in silicon valley

Highly Durable Turf

Lawns, landscaping, and putting greens can all be victims of heavy wear and tear. Elements like inclement weather, foot traffic, and outdoor activities can have an effect on traditional turf. Thankfully, they have little to no impact on our highly durable artificial grass. This helps ensure its beauty and makes our synthetic turf a long-lasting option for grass! 

Commercial artificial grass for business common areas

Multiple Environmental Benefits 

Typically, words like “artificial” and “synthetic” are not considered eco-friendly. However, when it comes to artificial grass and synthetic turf, these products are exceptionally eco-friendly. This is because owning traditional grass leads to increased water waste as well as more carbon emissions from lawn mowers. 

Fortunately, at SYNLawn Silicon Valley, our artificial grass is made from sustainable, recyclable materials. And just as importantly, it helps conserve natural resources like water and reduces carbon emissions since it never needs to be mowed. As such, our artificial grass and synthetic turf products are extremely environmentally friendly.  

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At SYNLawn Silicon Valley, we provide contemporary artificial grass for homes, businesses, and more in Mountain View, California. To do this, we sell and install a selection of synthetic turf that works for many different applications, including lawns, landscapes, and putting greens. Contact us at SYNLawn Silicon Valley today to schedule a free consultation with our artificial turf experts for your property!

Our synthetic lawns and all of our synthetic grass products bring an aesthetic beauty to any residential or commercial space.