Palo Alto, CA Artificial Grass

The team of turf experts from SYNLawn Silicon Valley supply and install high-quality artificial grass on residential and commercial properties in Palo Alto, CA. Our various synthetic turf products are ideal for use in a number of settings, including residential lawns, commercial landscaping, playgrounds, and more. Unlike traditional sod, our artificial grass is a more ecological and economical alternative. It provides our customers in Palo Alto and other Central California communities with several considerable advantages.

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Applications for Artificial Grass

The many artificial grass and synthetic turf products available from SYNLawn Central California help address the various needs of our clients. We supply artificial turf for a number of specialty applications in both residential and commercial settings.

Applications for our synthetic turf and artificial grass in Palo Alto, California include: 

Whether for Palo Alto artificial putting greens or playgrounds, at SYNLawn Central California, we have the specialty turf needed to fit a variety of requirements and desires. Check out our gallery to see examples of our stunning synthetic turf after installation!    

California’s Artificial Turf Rebates

Residents of Palo Alto, CA understand the importance of water conservation. This is because the entirety of California is in the midst of a drought, and in these times, water becomes a precious resource. To help conserve what little water is available, the California Water Service is offering Californians a rebate to switch to drought-friendly landscaping, which includes artificial grass. This rebate provides qualifying home and business owners $3.00 per square foot of natural grass removed and replaced with synthetic turf. As a result, artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California is now a more cost-effective investment than ever before! 

Ecological & Economical Landscaping 

Artificial grass from SYNLawn Central California is an extraordinarily ecological and economical option for residential and commercial landscaping. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf does not require consistent watering in order to maintain its lush, green appearance. This makes artificial turf a far more drought-friendly option that helps conserve water in Palo Alto, CA, making it an ecologically sound investment.

Synthetic turf is also an incredibly economical investment. By eliminating the need to water it constantly, artificial grass helps conserve water, which can also assist home and business owners in reducing their water bills. However, this is not the only cost-saving benefit of synthetic grass. It also does not require most of the other natural lawn maintenance activities, such as trimming, mowing, seeding, and reseeding. As a result, home and business owners can save time and money on landscaping. 

Ultimately, these factors make artificial turf from SYNLawn Central California an ecological and economical investment for the future of nearly any residential or commercial property in Palo Alto, California.     

Year-Round Curb Appeal 

One of the most notable benefits of installing artificial grass on a residential or commercial property is its year-round curb appeal. Typically, other forms of landscaping, such as natural grass, can be subject to wear and tear, high foot traffic, and the weather. These factors can make natural grass lawns and other forms of outdoor landscaping inconsistent and uninviting. Thankfully, artificial turf from SYNLawn Central California maintains its luscious, strikingly green appearance throughout its long life. 

California artificial grass turf
Close-up of artificial grass in front of a California home.


Synthetic grass from SYNLawn Central California is incredibly resilient. It is able to withstand everyday wear and tear, high foot traffic, and the climate in Palo Alto, California. This durability allows our artificial turf to remain ultra-realistic looking and feeling for as long as possible while helping to ensure it remains an inviting space for adults, children, and even pets to enjoy.  

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At SYNLawn Central California, our high-quality artificial turf is an ideal surfacing material for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications in Palo Alto, CA. Our synthetic grass offers our customers several advantages over natural grass. It is stunningly and consistently beautiful, resilient, low maintenance, and helpful for conserving water. These factors help make our artificial grass an exceptional ecological and economic investment for residential homes and commercial businesses, especially when paired with California drought-friendly landscaping rebates. 

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Our synthetic lawns and all of our synthetic grass products bring an aesthetic beauty to any residential or commercial space.